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I have been involved in a myriad of visual communication mediums for 35 years. I published my first website in 1993 and now consider that my primary productive skill set. I have a creative background as well. From North Carolina School of the Arts, to years as a professional photographer, to years producing print collateral and interactive design… I call it "Visual & Interactive Communications" and bring decades of real world practical experience to the table.

In pursuit of the visual experience:

Starting with my first Nikon at age 13 and followed by a drafting machine (remember those?) at age 14, I’ve always been intrigued by the visual experience. It is a powerful communication tool. Later, I attended North Carolina School of the Arts, in the Visual Arts Department, which exposed me to many more facets of the visual experience. By then—I was hooked. After NCSA I worked at several large scale commercial photography studios. Studios large enough to build houses within, and we did. It was there I first became interested in photo retouching. That meant mylar masks, dyes and washes at that time.

Ten years later I discovered the Apple Macintosh and all that is associated to it. Talk about more ways of communicating visually! I soaked it up like a sponge. I also pushed the envelope. I was generating PostScript four color separation files that could be output in 1990. That’s when Adobe noticed. I then spent several years Beta testing and even speaking on behalf of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the mid 90’s. At that time my level of technical ability really set me apart. I was in demand almost as much for consulting as creating.

I have a strong ability to take information/data, hash it out and present it to the screen, or page, with a consistent and clean methodology. Users/readers shouldn’t need a blueprint or instructions to get your message. I also believe that todays UI trends are more Mobile-Centric than just responsive. That doesn’t mean giving up content or forgetting the desktop environment, rather, it means organizing that content more logically. More simply. However, the rollover is dead. Cascading dropdown menu systems have given way to the, dare I say, more traditional drill down navigation. Less is more once again.

My web development skills are based on a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) platform. I consider myself a “Whole, or Full Stack, Developer” not just someone who focuses on Front End or Back End. I know how to tweak Apache, query MySQL and add some bounce to the front end. A lot of what I produce for my clients is custom data driven web and mobile web applications. I’m not bound by common LAMP platforms. I "code from the root."

Custom developed Content Management Systems (CMS), cloud based enterprise solutions, Learning Management Systems (LMS), Single Sign On (SSO) integration, large multi-relational product database structures, e-commerce, user data collection/tracking and grading. I produce communication solutions that work.

Please see my website for samples of my work and more information:


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"What is Visual Communications?"

What is Visual Communications?

A lot of folks ask me, "What is Visual Communications?" Recently, I updated a Flash® presentation that helps in answering that very question. Click on the image below and see for yourself. (27MB download)

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